Friday, September 20, 2019

Sexual Tension, Attraction and Intimacy


Sexual tension, attraction and intimacy. We all feel it. We all crave it. We all need it. At different

levels or stages, women and or men engage in some form of  social relationship. Some just for the

moment, while others with hopes of finding an ever-lasting love. Below is a scale I created to help

explain the role of  how sexual tension, attraction and intimacy may effect the longevity and

significance of relationships between women and men.

Sexual Tension, Attraction and Intimacy Scale(S.T.A.I. scale)

Level 4- The stronger the Sexual "Tension" & Attraction (S>T>A),The stronger the Intimate (I) bond between a man and woman.(Long Term Relationship). Even in the greatest LTR's their are going to be times sex does not play a central role in the relationship. It is not about the act of sex(penetration). More so about a deeper love and understanding of self and your partner.

Level 3-The presence of some Sexual "Tension" & Attraction (S>T>A), The luke- warm the Intimate(I) bond is  between man and woman.(Strictly Non- Serial Dating)

Level 2- No Sexual Tension, Some attraction(A only), The intimate bond is at it's beginning stages between a man and woman.(Serial/Non Serial Dating).

Level 1- No Sexual Tension , No attraction. Let's be friends.

No "Sex" Zone

Notice in each level sexual tension and not the act of sex itself is mentioned. And this is for a reason.

The reason is in order for men and women to build stronger, loving relationships and connect a more

intimate bond, sex alone cannot play a major role in the relationship.. Also this is a determining

factor on whether a man or woman is serious about long term committed relationship vs. just the

occasional hook-up for empty sex. You ( male or female) have to make a decision about what you

really want ultimately.

Sexual Tension, Attraction & Intimacy- A Closer Look

At level 1,the Friendship stage, there is no sexual tension or attraction. But how many people are

running around with engaging in the friends with "benefits" relationships? FYI-  Real Friends don't

have sex with one another. You are basically giving this person or people the permission to sample

your body in these type of situations. Level 2, There is no sexual tension, but their is attraction.

Men and women are drawn to each other. Their is a desire to learn more about one another for those

that are looking for something stable. For others, it can be a way to gain access to having lots of sex,

in one or more relationships, while deciding who and what you want. Men and women being more

honest about their feelings at this level could really save a lot of heart ache.(Serial/Non-Serial Dating)

Those men and women that reach Level 3 have decided to up their game. Investing their time,

energy, money and commitment to building a monogamous relationship with someone of their

choosing. The man or woman chosen for their love used to be a friend, they possibly serial/non-

serially dated, but have demonstrated a strong desire for a more complete relationship. Lastly

Level 4 is for mature men and women in Long term relationships, which includes engagement and

marriage. At this level, men and women have been able to maintain a lasting, loving relationship

because they have attained a deeper intimate bond, where sex is not centralized. The sexual tension

and attraction is not over powering. It is just the right balance that allows for success in these types

of relationships.

Am I telling women or men not to have sex?  Of course not. But sometimes you have to hold out

until that  special someone comes along.

Until next time...………….

Ms. Sassy D

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