Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Rolling With The "Rona"- Getting Around The City As A Disabled Woman

Having access to reliable transportation is essential to daily living in the big city. Unfortunately during times as these people like myself, the disabled, often face certain challenges in being to maneuver around comfortably, safely and with ease. Since the explosion of the Corona virus here in NYC, we have heard talk about a decline in ridership of public transport and the drop in revenue, but what about how it is affecting the lives of some of the very people that depend on this service.

I ride the B 47 bus at least 2x a week. Each time I am forced to board the rear of the bus.  I rely on a Rollator to assist me with walking and makes it difficult to get up/down off the bus. I would think theM MTAwould have instructed its Bus drivers to show better customer care towards it's most vulnerable passengers.

We are all being affected by this pandemic. Living in a time of uncertainty. But it doesn't mean their has to be a breakdown in basic human decency. Let us all pleaseremember to be kind. It don't cost a thing.

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