Thursday, July 16, 2020

Getting To A Single Greater Me

It has been often said and proven that your happiness cannot be found in another person. Sure we involve 
ourselves, develop, build, destroy, reconnect, disconnect, etc from others on a continuous basis, but yet those relationships do not define who we
are as individuals. More so it highlights our social in/eptness.

For a long time I was involved in a relationship with a guy who had a 
troubled past. We were complete opposites and totally wrong for each other. Yet I tried to stick it out because
 I didn't want to fail at love, being accomplished in so many other areas, and felt socially pressured about being in a relationship, particularly for someone "marriage" aged.

Fast forward eight years later and I'm still not married. Neither do I have any children. But I have reached a level of 
emotional maturity where being married and having a family is not an overwhelming priority but would be a welcomed balance to the beautiful chaos known as life.

Getting to a single greater me in order to treasure the awesomeness of my future You.

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