Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Cutest Little Bread Loaf

 Hello friends,

I am so excited to share my latest kitchen gadget. A precious, wonderful bread maker. This bread maker ,purchased from, had a sale cost of $67.99 and free shipping. The cup and spoon for measuring, bread pan, kneading blade as well as removal hook were all nestled inside of package. Also a very detailed book of instruction, recipe and trouble shooting guide.

After removing all items from the box, I washed the bread pan and blade, dried and returned to machine for maintenance cycle before use. I washed and  dried both items again before adding ingredients to pan, placed in machine and used 1 out of the 19 reprogrammed setting for basic bread.  

It took about two hours or so. Here is the result.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Only Way Forward For Me

People often complain they have so much to 

do and so little time. Yet they make time for 

updating their statuses on social media or 

cruising the internet all day. With time moving

ahead, as it's always been, people need to be

prepared and readily able to do so as well.

Since retiring from teaching in 2014, I have 

become more intentional, more purposeful 

and more diligent with accomplishing tasks

in my daily life. Budgeting, planning, preparing, 

and balancing finances/life events is work. A

 job like no other.I get the chance to reorder,

 balance and create transitions for my own life.

Living as a person with a disability is not easy, 

but I've managed to achieve great things. I can 

attribute much of my determination as being 

raised by a good mother and also having a 

spiritual god mother, who both, are strong, 

beautiful black women. I learned to pace 

myself, compete and stand on my own merit.

So don't give up. Plan ahead and keep pushing 


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Instant Honey Ginger Tea with Lemon by POCAS


 I'm always looking for new things to try , so 

 purchasing this box of Instant Honey Ginger

 Tea was no exception. I am a huge lover of 

 Ginger in fact quite often added it to many 

 dishes. At just $4.29 cents a box on sale I just 

couldn't resist. I have to admit initially my 

expectations were not high due to the fact of 

this being an instant tea. Boy was I wrong.

I removes 1 sachet from the box. Then added  

 water into mug. I heated mug in the microwave.

I took out mug from microwave and added mix.

I stirred with spoon, tasted and enjoyed.

  At just 59 calories per sachet, the tea is also 

  caffeine and gluten free. Enjoy hot or cold. 

Friday, March 11, 2022

Veggie Spaghetti with Chicken Meat Sauce Via CrockPot Xpress

Hey everyone,


Today I decided to use my new Crockpot 
express multi cooker to make Veggie
spaghetti with a chicken meat sauce.

First I added a couple tablespoons of olive
oil to inner pot. Then I pressed the sauté
button and hit start. Once heated I added 
peppers, onions and stirred.Next was the seasoned ground chicken. After sautéed, 
the chicken, onion and peppers were 

The cooked chicken and peppers were added back to pot. Then veggie spaghetti noodles were halved and layed across meat like a hashtag. Spaghetti sauce was used to cover meat and noodles. Water was also poured on as well. Pot was then sealed. Steam button for ten minutes.

After the cook time ended, I let stand 5 minutes. 

I removed lid using a safety mitt and stirred.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Glowing Skin Care Routine- Melanated Woman Over 40

Getting older is something we all must do. 

There is literally nothing to stop the hands of

 time from moving forward.  Women and men 

alike are  aging. Just last year, I turned 48 years 

old. Now, a couple years,shy of fifty, I have 

decided to take a more proactive approach

to developing a proper skin care routine. 

From researching products to planning 

opportunities for self -care, I was able to

learn important facts about skin care for 

sensitive people such as myself.

A few of the products I've started using are:

Visit if interested in products.

My skin routine is as follows-

I wash face and neck with plain warm water.

Then, apply facial cleanser to face/neck and rinse. Pat dry.

Next, I wet cotton round with toner. Then 
clean face and neck with cotton round and air dry.

      Using dropper, apply serum to face and neck.       Rub into skin. After serum dries, I lastly use my favorite moisturizer with Shea butter.

Don't forget to comment and share your routine.


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Cooking Eggs On The Waffle Maker

 Hello Everyone, 

Woke up this morning and decided to try

 something new and creative for breakfast.

I used my belgian waffle maker to make 

an effle. Basically, a totally egg waffle.😂. 

I used 3 brown eggs, along with a dash of 

salt and pepper. Next I sprayed the iron with

cooking spray and poured on the egg mixture.

I then closed the iron for several minutes till 

eggs cooked inside and became fluffy. Definitely

will do again.The taste was fantastic and not 

much to clean up after.