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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Ms. Sassy' Shein Clothing Haul

 I decided to add to my #P.I.P(Pretty In Plus) wardrobe by ordering a few items through the website. My first time order which totaled a very low price of just $50.49 USD include 3 Sports Bras, 2 Fitness Leggings and 2 Pencil Skirts. 7 items for what would typically cost me for two if I ordered through any other website that sold products for the pleasantly plump woman. 

Down below pics are posted of what I bought.

Get in the comments and tell me whatcha think? Also if you know of any other websites that sell clothing items for plus sized women share those as well.

As always Take care and many blessings

Ms. Sassy

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Stretching Your Wardrobe 4 Less- Buying Plus size in Multiple

Greetings Sassy Deevas, 

Transitioning from the Winter to Spring season calls for an upgrade in color,  comfort and  style plus sized women are  sure to love. Through the Groupon website 
I was able to purchase the A-LINE Skirts  
for 3/$19.99 and the Leggings for 6/$31.99. Even if you may have to work from home why not wear fashion at a affordable price.

Isaac Liev Women's High-Waist A-Line Midi Skirts (3-Packs)  

Angelina Women's Microfiber High-Waist Full Coverage Leggings (6-Pack). Plus Sizes Available.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Dresses for Women Plus size Under $10 Dollars Each

I searched online @ for a couple of comfortable, loose fitting dresses to wear.
With Easter around the corner, April 12th,2020 to be exact, I wanted to explore my options of lovely
dresses to choose from. Here is a pic of the two dresses that I found. Dress A(the green with yellow
lemons is going to be worn for Easter and Dress B( Black and white snake print) will be saved for an
upcoming party. Each dress was under $10 each with free shipping exclusively for Amazon Prime

The Sunny Side of Things

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