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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Healthy Meal Planning For A Family Up to 6

Buying groceries to create family meals takes. money, planning, preparation all while, on a budget. I make grocery lists and try very hard to stay within the up to $20, no more than $40 per meal to feed at least six people. I shop using coupons ,weekly sales ads and often check the discounted labeled aisle for bargains.

For example, I wanted to make Chicken Fajitas and Salad for Lunch/ Snack the other day . So I took a trip to the store and purchased the following:

1 pack of small flour tortillas @ $1.99

1 bag of grilled chicken on sale @ $3.99

1 pack of pre sliced onions w/yellow, green 

and red peppers @ $4.99.

1 bag of Salad mix @ $3.99

2 Tomatoes @ $2.25

1 Large Cucumber @ $0.70

At checkout I paid $17.91 for these groceries. So healthy,delicious and inexpensive to eat well.

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