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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Hope In The Midst Of Chaos

Telling others to remain hopeful despite the chaos that is naturally occurring around themsounds nice and is intended to be comforting.People often need to hear this so they aren't  consumed by their problems and/or drowning in their emotions. These consistent boosts ofencouragement can do wonders to soothe the individual, distract  them from the issuesat hand, while allowing a period of time to adjust to any necessary life changes.

So don't give up on H.O.P.E.

H old

O nto

P ositivity

E veryday

As long as you can. For as much as you can.....


Sunday, December 29, 2019

New Year, Better You

As 2019 quickly draws to a close, there is a great need to reflect on and review the happenings in

your life. By doing so, you have a starting point for making the necessary changes to your life map.

Changing your life map is essential to creating a better, healthier you.

We often set a course for ourselves, making plans and promises, with some hope of getting things

done, but the reality is time isn't always on our side. So that's why in regards to the life map, we have

to prioritize and choose a minimum of three areas with the highest level of importance that can be

improved upon within a given year. Whether it's building stronger family bonds or relationships,

growing your finances or practicing self-care, you got 365 days to work things through.

Steps to a better you.........

1. Review
2. Reflect
3. Prioritize ( minimum of three focus areas to work on).
4. Set realistic goals
5. Follow through

I have started to review and reflect on those areas within which to improve. Trust and believe it is a process. A good one at best.

Have a wonderful New Year.

Ms. Sassy D

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