Monday, November 22, 2021

Just Another Meat less Monday...

Greetings Deevas,

Just wanted to share a pic of this absolutely, 

scrumptious, very filling and delicious veggie 

pasta and vegetable spaghetti I prepared in the 

kitchen.  Can't tell you guys enough how ya girl 

been diligently working at elevating those 

cooking skills and feeling much healthier since

cutting back on eating outside meals. I do enjoy

meat. I'm not a vegan, but often will cook vegan 

or vegetarian dishes.

Until Next time,

Ms.Sassy D

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Using Good Scents

I was so excited to find this Sharper Image Oil 

Diffuser and Essential Oil Gift set @ $16.99 each 

at TJ Maxx stores at the Gateway Mall in 

Brooklyn,NYC. Now I can relax at home and 

engage in Aromatherapy by enjoying my 

favorite scents at the push of a button.


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

In A Few Short Months.....


Considering the maylay that happened in 2019 

regarding obtaining basic everyday personals 

and supplies, it would be a great idea for 

everyone to take stock of their pantries,

replenishing much needed items . In a few

short months winter will be here also. Shop 

your closet first before running out to buy a  

new wardrobe. It may just be a matter of adding 

a few long sleeves tops and sweaters to an 

already put together arsenal of warmer clothing.

Stay ahead of the game.

Best wishes,


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Shopping For A Coat On A Budget

 I went shopping this weekend for a new coat.   

 Keeping in mind that a specific amount of ( 

$100+)  would be the budget for it. I visited one

of my favorite neighborhood stores and tried on 

a few coats from the rack. It was nice to see a 

varity of coats in terms of style and color. 

Especially the inclusion of Fall colors. No black 

or gray for me this year.✌. I chose a really great 

puffer coat in the shade of a lovely dusty rose.  

And the cost of just $55.04 was even better.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

"I made this for You"


One of the best gifts I've ever received. Wow.The  sincerity behind this picture. Many thanks to the young artist and well wishes.  Truly amazing what's in the heart of a child.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Ms.Sassy's Blueberry Pancakes

 Got up early this morning and decided on

 pancakes for breakfast. There were enough 

 ingredients between the cabinet and fridge 

 for me to make a homemade stack of pancakes.

 So I mixed together a go to favorite batter recipe

 and added 1 cup of blue berries to it. The 

 pancakes were very delicious indeed.

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