Monday, July 25, 2022

How To Make Spicy Salmon Cakes With Fish Fry


1 can pink salmon(drained and remove bones)

2 brown eggs

1/4 cup chopped onions

1/4 cup unseasoned panko breadcrumbs

2tbsp Louisiana spicy fish fry

1/8 black pepper

Mix well and fry in canola or vegetable oil. Drain.

Served salmon cakes with jasmine rice and seasoned pink beans.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

The Sassy Napturalista's One Pot Lasagna


So I decided to create a tasty lasagna for my 

family via the stove top.  The recipe was very

easy to pull together and enjoyable for sure.

     First, I seasoned 1lb of ground beef and

    added it to a pan with two tbsp of olive oil.

 Next I added 1.5 cups of cut veggies like  

peppers, onions, squash and zucchini.

Then I added 1 can of diced tomato(drained)  

with chiles and mixed well. After that I put.    

lasagna noodles(uncooked) on top the mixture. 

   I then added a jar of marinara sauce to the 

    pan and let cook on low up to 25 minutes.

 Next grated Parmesan and mozzarella.


1ib  ground beef(season)
1 jar marinara
1 can dice tomato with chiles
1 box lasagna sheets
Olive oil 2-3 tbsp
1.5 cups of cut vegetables( any kind)

Thursday, July 14, 2022

My Mom Is In Need Of A Kidney

 Greetings Deevas, 

My mom recently joined the Kidney Registry as in need of a Kidney Transplant. Here is a copy of her bio. If you or anyone is interested in being a donor, please contact me at for more information.

Thank you in advance.


My name is Tania Sylvia Lewis. I am a 67-year-old mother of six adult children. I also have three amazing grandchildren. I have spent quite a bit of my life nurturing and caring for children. From raising my own as a single-divorced mom to fostering, adopting, and even providing sitting services for parents that work and /or attend college.  


When I am not on mom or “Nana” duties, I love to watch Netflix, bake delicious treats, shop and attend my local church on Sunday mornings. I am an excellent knitter. Spending time with my family is always a blessing. Having great friends is equally a joy. My heart is full just thinking about the ways in which life is so meaningful to have that type of love. 


Over the years I have had different medical issues affecting my health. I also faced those issues head on by going to my doctor appointments regularly, following doctors' instructions and taking those steps needed to improve my well-being. I put a lot of trust in my health care team. I consider that there is a partnership between them and I. Without them, I would not have the know how to maintain and adapt a healthier lifestyle. 


Presently I attend the Kidney/Dialysis clinic three times a week as a patient. I need a Kidney transplant. I would be exceedingly grateful to be chosen as a recipient.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Tips On Saving Money Daily

 Here is a short video with a few, but not all, of some of the ways you can save money. I  have tried each and everyone with great results. 

Like, comment and subscribe. What are some of your money saving tips? Leave a comment below. Peace.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Crockpot Express Spicy Chili Mac Surprise

 I was supposed to do a lasagna, but decided on Chili Mac. I didn't have all the ingredients for  a crock pot lasagna and will do one at a later date. The dish turned out well and the flavor is  fantastic. Special note- You may or may not want to add an additional 1/2 cup of tomato sauce after its done.

Friday, July 8, 2022

Exploring An Amazon Tie-dye Kit

So I purchased this kit on to do a color project with a young student. Some parts of the process I had to assist with, such as.  treating the shirts with soda ash. Also securing rubber bands on the shirts. Pauly helped mix the paint bottles. but the most fun for him was actually coloring the shirts.

Treating the shirts with soda ash.

Bottles of colored powder with warm water.

Pauly holding two ziploc bags with his shirts.

We ended up coloring three shirts total.

       Clean up went smoothly and Paul asked if we could color some pants next time as well.

         Pauly on his way to camp.-7/14/22

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Shrimp And Sausage Rasta Pasta In Coconut Milk


I decided to surprise my family with dinner and made a delicious pan of Rasta Pasta. The dish was super easy to make and is honestly one of my favorites. My eldest nephew asks me to cook often, so as a good auntie should, I try to create meals that are not only pleasing to the palate, but also nutritious.


1 box of Veggie Tri-color pene pasta

1 can of coconut milk

1 bag of jumbo shrimp

1 beef smoked sausage

1 bag of Peppers and onions

1 bottle Parmesan Cheese

Seasonings- black pepper, old bay, garlic and onion powder, parsley, cayenne, paprika, jerk 

Olive or vegetable oil for browning shrimp and sausage.


1.Boil noodles , drain and set aside.

2. Place 2-3 tbsp of cooking oil in a pan, heat and brown seasoned shrimp and sausage. Drain excess oil.

3. Add peppers and onion to pan saute, then add garlic. Pour in coconut milk. Also 1 tbsp of jerk seasoning, a dash of black pepper, cayenne and parsley mix well. Next add 1 1/2 cups of Parmesan cheese.Mix again.

4. Add in shrimp, sausage and Pene noodles. Mix well and reduce heat to low for 15 minutes.

5. Serve with a nice side salad and toasted cocktail croissants with garlic butter.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Sassy Napturalista- Worldwide????


Often I check to see who is viewing my pages and from where my views are coming from? I am totallyin awe to find out more people outside the U.S. are looking at my content. I am grateful indeed, but would love to hear from my fellow U.S. Deevas as to what types of content you would be more inclined to view.If you have not done so pretty please review and submit the "Modern Woman" survey. I would love to hear all of your thoughts. 

Please like, share, comment and subscribe. You can email me at with topics you would like to discuss. I would like to grow online organically, not for fame or fortune, but as a space for meaningful conversation and useful information. Two areas, in my humble opinion, that are lacking be it online or real life. 

Looking forward to hearing from you guys..........Peace