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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Making Chicken With My Daddy

Lol. It's not what y'all thinking, silly. I'm 

referring to the Fry Daddy Mini Fryer

by Pesto. It is me and my mom's go to 

alternative when cooking fried chicken 

right. No excessive grease, limited mess

and compact enough for storage.

Get yours today for $24.99 at

Free shipping on all Amazon Prime orders.

Introducing The Pursteam Lil Mighty Steamer

 Hey Guys,

Ms. Sassy here. I am honestly not the ironing type, so purchasing The Lil Mighty Steamer by Pursteam seemed a great option for me. The steamer is compact, easy to use, can handle a multitude of fabrics and stores wonderfully for travel or on the go.

If interested go to I 

purchased mine at the convenient low 

price of $16.30 with free shipping through

with Amazon prime.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Not Your Apple AirPods, But Works Pretty Damn Good For The Price

Hey Deevas, 

I was wanting to purchase inexpensive wireless ear buds and found these on for $15.72 on a special "lightning" deal discount and have to say very impressive indeed. They come with a neat little charging dock, replaceable earbud covers, have over two hours plus of listening time  and even can be worn in the shower. Not that I would, Lol, but I found that to be very interesting indeed. I've used these earbuds to connect with all my android devices. Don't know if they work for Apple products though.

Does SheIn Really Shine?Shein Winter Clothing Haul Review

 Greetings Deevas, Today I received my package via UPS from  Shein Plus. Inside the box were the nine individually  wrapped pullovers and or...