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Friday, April 17, 2020

Immune Support and How I stay safe from Covid-19 Update

As an individual with chronic illness it is important for me to take Vitamins/
Supplements  as part of  my daily diet plan to maintain optimal health.Long before the deadly Covid-19 virus hit U.S. soil , I researched online and consulted with my primary care Doctor about which Vitamins/ Supplements would be safe for me to take in addition to the prescribed meds.

Here is my list
Vitamin D-3 Gummies
Vitamin B complex
Daily Vitamin Gummies
Fiber Gummies

As you all can see some of these are / can be purchased in gummy form. I prefer the Gummies and they have some really great flavors.

Before starting any vitamin/supplement regiment please consult your Doctor or Pharmacist.

Cooking In or Order Out- Healthy meals under 30 minutes

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