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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Making Chicken With My Daddy

Lol. It's not what y'all thinking, silly. I'm 

referring to the Fry Daddy Mini Fryer

by Pesto. It is me and my mom's go to 

alternative when cooking fried chicken 

right. No excessive grease, limited mess

and compact enough for storage.

Get yours today for $24.99 at

Free shipping on all Amazon Prime orders.

Introducing The Pursteam Lil Mighty Steamer

 Hey Guys,

Ms. Sassy here. I am honestly not the ironing type, so purchasing The Lil Mighty Steamer by Pursteam seemed a great option for me. The steamer is compact, easy to use, can handle a multitude of fabrics and stores wonderfully for travel or on the go.

If interested go to I 

purchased mine at the convenient low 

price of $16.30 with free shipping through

with Amazon prime.

Monday, January 20, 2020

S.D.I.R.- Sassy Deevas In Review And Advertising

Attention Business Owners,

Let Sassy Deevas BlogSpot help you get the word out about your products through Sassy Deevas In
Review , a series that will spotlight a variety of products from branded or non branded businesses
from all over.

How it works...………………………………………..

Those businesses who choose to participate will forward samples(free shipping and handling) one to
keep and one to try and in turn Sassy Deevas will give a review video and recommendations. That's

Please email for further inquiry.

I look forward to working with you all.

Natasha Lewis

The Sunny Side of Things

           I went to the store yesterday morning and      while there  found two hair color kits @      $3.49 each. I purchased two kits due...