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Friday, September 4, 2020

Two Piece set for the Price Of One.....

For a limited time these sets are being sold at for $9.99 each. Shipping

free with Prime. The set can be worn together 

or seperately. The Kimono can be paired with 

Jeans and Tank. While, the yellow Dress with a


Vintage Plus........ Plus Size Dresses Under $10

I can't express to you guys enough my love 

for and choice of the vintage style of dress.

To me vintage represents style and class, 

from simple to playful, but sometimes elegant 

for women. has become

one of my go to places to find these dresses

for less.


At just $9.99 each and under $20, I purchased 

both of these Audrey Hepburn inspired vintage

style dresses. Also as an added bonus I got free 

shipping with Amazon Prime.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Ms. Sassy's Beauty Essentials On The Go

Hello My Deevas,

Whether at home or on the go, it is a must for women to engage in beauty regiments for that fresh, youthful glow as well as optimal wellness.

My beauty essentials for anytime are: facial masks, conditioners,moisturizers, essential oils, scrubs, glosses and body butters just to name a few. Drinking plenty of water, along with a balanced diet and vitamin intake can do wonders for overall body health. 

So take time during the day for healing, pampering yourselves and getting pretty.

Until next time.......😀

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Going Hybrid in My Puma Sneakers For Women

Classically comfy, sleek in design purpose @ $37.29. These Pumas are a great buy and can be purchased through Amazon. If you are a Amazon prime member shipping is always free. Check
them out at

Saturday, September 14, 2019

W.T.W.(Woman That Wins)................. Issa Movement

 I've never been really a person to follow trends, gossip or speak on issues that didn't impact me

or my community in some way. After all, self preservation is everything that you make it, while

meaning nothing to others who are determined to bring you down. Unfortunately for them, it is

really a total waste of time and energy. Everything was already set into motion for our lives

the minute we took our first breath. As we move ahead, from day to day, it is very important

to #Release #Rejuvenate #Reorder self, people, situations that are problematic and draining.

Release "your problems" ………………… because you need to win.

Rejuvenate "your self" ...………….. because you have to win.

Reorder (prioritize) your goals ...………………. because you want to win.

Three simple ways to get to a happier you. Be a #W.T.W.(Woman That Wins)

*****- Don't forget to send your  email address to for the Fall 2019 Drawing. Peace.


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