Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Sassy Napturalista's Hair Care Regimen

I regularly shampoo and condition my hair up to twice a month, sectioning the hair into four quadrants. Ponytail holders keep the hair separated and makes re twisting my locs easier. I also try to  use minimal heat and Let's Jam gel for the re twisting.

I deep condition my hair twice a month.

I use a Leave-In conditioner everyday.

I oil my scalp every other day.

Go to hair products I have used in the past includes :

Presently I am using Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla line and Jamaican Mango & Lime (not pictured) products.

Lastly, I do suggest exploring products specific to your hair type or texture to find the best option.

I went from a teeny weeny afro to lovely, lengthy locs.



Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Cooking Steak In A Countertop Grill

Cooking has become one of my favorite pass 

   times. Creating these BBQ mini steaks for my 

nephew is no exception.  After rinsing, I patted

them dry and applied my own seasoned rub. 

 Then I set forth to grill the steaks( new electric 

counter top grill) and then cook them down in 

Sweet Baby Ray BBQ sauce. Spinach Tortellini 

and salad ( not shown) were my side dishes.




Thursday, May 19, 2022

Honey Blonde On Naptural Hair


         I went to the store yesterday morning and 

    while there  found two hair color kits @ 

    $3.49 each. I purchased two kits due to the 

      length of my hair.  It took me several hours 

    to color my hair, re-twisting included, and

        it came out so much better than I expected. 

      Sometime a little bit if color is all you need.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Free Nursing Training in New York


Tuition-Free Nursing School at SUNY/CUNY

Just in time for the holidays, New York State announced this week that applications for its 1000 Nurses for Our Future program are now being accepted.

Free SUNY/CUNY nursing school tuition is being awarded to a thousand individuals statewide.

The goal is to help address our nursing shortages, at a time when over nine thousand jobs for registered nurses are currently unfilled.

The scholarships are open to individuals new to the field and to those already working in healthcare who may want to advance their credentials.

New York State schools offer more than 70 fully accredited healthcare nursing degree undergraduate and graduate programs that include 17 different credentials.

The scholarships will allow students to attend school either full or part-time.

"There are currently more than 9,300 openings for Registered Nurses in New York State"




Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Drawing and Painting On Canvas

Who said exploring with paint and colors were 

just for young children.  I, myself, love to draw 

and create with colors. Doing so is a source of 

fun for me and a great, relaxed activity. Also I

can make different pictures to hang around my

apartment and add splashes of color at home.

What types of ways do you incorporate color 

into your daily life? Drop a comment down 


Later .......


Sunday, May 1, 2022

Why I use Disposable Dinnerware and Cutlery Often

 As a often busy person, I tend to find ways 

to minimize different tasks throughout the 

day. One task in particular is dish washing.

 So I buy paper, even wood or other goods to 

help shorten those transitions between meal 

times and getting ready to engage life events 

such as appointments, by using disposable 

dinner ware.

The plate and bowl pictured are created by

Glad and Dixie and can be found on line or in 

store. Perfect Stix Wooden Cutlery Kit(200 pc 

set) was purchased online at www.Amazon.com

for $10.91.