Sunday, January 1, 2023

In A New Year State Of Mind

Happy New Year Everyone! It's so wonderful to come into the new year with great expectations and excitement for good things that are in store all around. I am truly thankful for everything God has bestowed upon my life and all the positive growth I continue to make in every aspect.

The Sassy Napturalista's top five things we all should keep mindful of in the new year are:

1) Always protect our peace and sanctuary from the spiritually bankrupt.

2) Every second, minute and hour of our time is precious. So we need to spend and use it wisely.

3) Buy whatever is necessary.Save a lot more and invest in your dream.

4)In order to recognize and receive love, we must be open as well as prepared.

5)Wake up every morning and lay down       every night calm, relaxed, refreshed and       with anticipation of what's coming next           and how great things can be with much       effort.

Once again, Happy New Year and many blessings.


The Sassy Napturalista 

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