Sunday, June 26, 2022

Self-Love Survey Questionaire

Please share your thoughts and fill out this 

survey. All participants will remain anonymous 

and I appreciate your help so much.

Thanks a million. 

Friday, June 24, 2022

Simple Life Hacks II- Amazon Refillable Mini Spray Bottles


 With the continued necessity to keep healthy 

hands and minimize the spread of germs during 

the pandemic, I opted to purchase these small 

spray bottles for hand sanitizer.  Instead of 

spending $2.49 each for the mini bottles of hand 

sanitizer, I can now buy the large refill bottles 

and use them to fill these spray bottles at a 

reduced cost. Whether I'm stationery at home.  

or on the go, my handy, dandy spray bottles of 

sanitizer are bound to help keep me safe.


Get your 4 piece set at


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

A Summer Of Self-Love Activities Calendar


So the summer season is upon us finally. What a time to kick back, relax and celebrate being you. A word to black women specifically, we work so hard, we love so much and yet often neglect our own needs to fulfill the needs of others. The time has come for us to put ourselves first. Practicing self-love is what we need.

Here is a sample 30 day self love calendar by Joyful Moments Designs.You can get their full print calendar at or fill up a. blank one with a host of activities totally dedicated to meeting your specific needs.

You may vlog your experiences, take photos to make a scrap book, journal write or do a special project expressing how well you love yourself and encouraging others to do the same. Love is something to be celebrated and shared by all.


Monday, June 20, 2022

Trendy And Plus??- Summer 2 piece Outfits Under $70


I love to shop. I also love to save money. When I can do both simultaneously it is definitely a win  for me.  So I was surfing the net, trying to find some really great deals in warmer weather clothing and became my site of choice. I have been a Amazon prime member since 2016 and have bought many things from them. Amazon is actually my go to one stop shop for groceries, personals, household products, etc. You name it I probably got it from Amazon.

The assignment I set for myself was to find a few short sets for the summer. Being a plus sized woman presented some what of a challenge in terms of style of clothing and price per item. We all know that fabric "costs" and clothing for the us plump gals does as well.No complaints here though. Presetting a budget for   ( $100) I set off to work. 

My search on took about 1.5 hours and yielded some great results. I ended up spending a little under $67.00 dollars. Very proud of myself indeed.

Here are my findings.I loved the style of the first outfit so much I bought it three more times in different colors. Lol. Check out my pics. Comment below on how well you think I did.




Saturday, June 18, 2022

Healing And Surviving Seven Years Post Stroke

Its been seven years since I had my stroke and life could not be any sweeter. Many thanks and blessings to everyone who have prayed for me, sent me well wishes and waves of positive energy. Trust and believe you all are more precious than any gemstone known to mankind. I thank God for peace and stability.

These days I am living a quiet, peaceful life. My favorite things to do are cooking, writing, reading and shopping. I do like painting and enjoy music. I am also a great dancer. The initial anxiety I had about retiring early has long gone. Everyday is an opportunity for me to experience the joy of really living.

Presently I am working on my blog site and am known as @TheSassyNapturalista
My blog  site is You can also check me out at

Please remember to like, share, subscribe and comment.

Take care and many blessings.

The Sassy Napturalista


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

An Aroma Diffuser Like No Other

I purchased a new wood diffuser and am in love 

already. This 300 ml aroma diffuser brought to 

you by Gratia Naturals, comes preset with white 

noise and natural sound. There is a 4 piece set of

essential oils included, which help to moisturize, 

decongest and cleanse a space. Gratia Naturals

Aroma Diffuser also has 7 led lights. The scented 

mist is truly amazing. The experience is great.

So go to and get yours today.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Should Black Women Submit In A Relationship Before Marriage?

Submission is defined, in terms of relationships,  as the action of yielding to the will or authority of another person. In fact, I would venture to say submission is one of they key ingredients to a successful, long term marriage. Many of the married couples i've known over the years have attested that "submission" was a uphill battle at times, meaning, transitioning from single minded self to a family unit was not easy. A lot. of love, hard work, determination and support poured in by both individuals are some of the basic essentials needed to grow a marriage relationship. 

So why are single minded men requiring equally single minded women to submit?

Going out with someone you are interested in romantically or sexually is considered dating. I believe requiring submission from someone your just "dating" is asking for blind submission. This form of submission is requiring the other party to dive all in to an all consuming, relationship, a tsunami of emotions and feelings, with no commitment or tangibles in sight. This type of  situation is emotionally draining and should be avoided at all cost. After all, you are not a "place holder", for the one they'll give their love to freely. I also believe blind submission takes the fun, excitement and adventure out of having a great time, meeting new people and building relationships with others romantically or not. 

Having open conversations and setting the record straight can avoid misunderstandings. Something I wish that I had done more of. 

Thank God I have learned better.

Always remember You are great!

                                  You are special!

                                  You are worthy!

Your happiness is King. Settling for nothing but the best is an option. Peace.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Cajun Veggie Spaghetti Alfredo with Ground Chicken



1 lb Ground Chicken

1/2 box of Veggie Spaghetti

1 jar of Newman's Alfredo sauce

8-10 grape tomatoes(halved)

1 bag broccoli as Vegetable side dish

Water as needed

Seasoning Used- Chopped Onion, Black Pepper, Cajun, Cayenne, Parsley,Red pepper flakes, Onion, Garlic, Chicken. Salt for spaghetti water and Olive oil to brown ground chicken and unstick spaghetti noodles.

Season and brown ground chicken. Drain and put to the side. Add salt to pan of water, bring to a boil and add veggie spaghetti. Use 1-2 tbsp of Olive oil to pan so noodles won't stick together.

Drain spaghetti using colander. Add Alfredo sauce to empty pan. You can also add black pepper, parsley, cayenne, red pepper flakes, cajun and some water as needed to thin sauce.

              Add spaghetti and halved grape tomato.

              Then add seasoned ground chicken.

Mix everything together well. Add broccoli side.

Peanut Butter Choco Lava Cookies

 I was in such a great mood this morning and decided to make a batch of cookies. Not just    any cookie. My very own batch of Peanut butter Choco Lava Cookies. They have such a distinct name because I turned my baking faux pas into a whole lotta deliciousness.


2 c of flour

1tsp baking soda

1c white sugar

1 c of brown sugar

2 brown eggs

2 tsp Vanilla

1 c (2 sticks) softened butter

11/2 c of peanut butter

1 cup chocolate chips

Bake at 350 for 15-17 minutes.Let cool and enjoy.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Simple Life Hacks I-Amazing Amazon Wheeled Laundry Cart

The first photo is of a laundry cart I purchased through  It was easy to assemble, very sturdy and the perfect fit.                No more hauling heavy laundry bags or strain on my back and shoulders.

Next up is a Shoe box and disposable slippers. I purchased both from as well. The two purposes of this is to provide comfort to guests or family visiting my home who remove their shoes. Also it diminishes the tracking of outside germs within my apartment home that not visibly seen with the naked eye.


You may share your go to or favorite life hacks.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Naptural Hair- Do's and Dont's

                     THE Sassy Napturalista 

How to Manage and Grow Naptural Hair Tips


Find out your hair texture / curl pattern.

Research and explore products for your specific hair texture.

Find a product line that works for your hair and stick with it.

Eat a balanced diet, incorporate B vitamins within, and stay hydrated. 

Be gentle with the edges of your hair.


Wash hair every day.

Over use hair products and create build up in your hair or scalp.

Over comb or brush hair. Over manipulating hair follicle can be problematic to hair growth.

Over use heat to dry hair. Heat can damage hair and cause dryness.