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Monday, August 19, 2019

Waste Free Environment NYC

Attention My Fellow NY Residents,

Did You Know? About a 1/3 of New Yorkers Citys' waste can be recycled through the curbside recycling program; another third can be recovered through the City’s organics programs; and another 10% (textiles, electronic waste, harmful household products, and plastic bags) can be moved through donations and take-back programs!

Take the  DSNY’s Zero Waste Pledge! 

What is the Zero Waste Pledge?

The Zero Waste pledge  helps to reduce, reuse and recycle! You will be committing to living a greener lifestyle that could mean donating the clothes, separating out your food scraps for compost or recycling your old laptop.

Please instead of sending trash to a far-away landfill, take the pledge to create a more sustainable city for future generations to come.

Special thanks to the NYC Department of Sanitation. Such a cute reusable bag. Made of 90% recycled material makes it even better. If you are a NYC resident, sign up today! Peace.

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