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Monday, August 26, 2019

The Power Of Words

Words have the power to hurt only if you let them. Often people say things to try and get you in your

feelings for two reasons. One, they want to inflict the same hurt or pain someone caused them. Two,

because it makes them feel good about themselves that someone else is hurting besides them. For

these very reasons it is very difficult to build harmonious relationships with others or even want to.

One of the best ways to deal with these type of people and my go to solution is to distance yourself

from the drama. Give him , her or them the send off of a lifetime. Free yourself from these spiritual

vampires who want to do nothing but drain you emotionally which can have an effect on your well


We should not allow what others think or say about us to impact our lives.  Always try to think

positively, proclaim victory over the enemy's words, be your own hype woman and move forward

from the situation. You don't have to sink as low as those trying to hurt you. Remember always

you are better than that. And that's a Supa fact!

Until next time Deevas……..

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